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Free Walkers Max- O2 Priority

In Store: Free Walkers Max- O2 Priority
Attention O2 Priority members, you can pick up a free Walkers Max Grab Bag at Travel stores only! Discover our Max Ridged Crisps. MAXimum thickness, MAXimum taste. Each thick cut potato slice is crammed with flavor for an exceptional taste. Choose from Flamin’ Hot 50g or Salt & Vinegar 50g. Two flavors, only available at Travel stores only - Flamin’ Hot 50g or Salt & Vinegar 50g. The promotion is limited to one redemption per customer and is subject to strict availability, so grab yours before they all go. When they're gone, they're gone. Customers, please note that there is a limited time window in which to both reveal and redeem your code. Please bear this in mind if you are in a queue or over two minutes away from the till point to avoid disappointment.
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