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Free stickers from Stickers 4 a cause

Free stickers from Stickers 4 a cause
Just enter your details and get Free stickers from Stickers 4 a cause. Stop Orcas in captivity. The whale captivity industry started in 1961, since then 141 orcas have been captured.of the 141 orca’s captures only 16 are still alive today. The median lifespan of the 125 captive orca’s that died in captivity is approximately four years. The average lifespan of a wild Orca whale is between 50-80 years. Whales that normally travel 1000’s of miles every year in the wild are stored in glorified swimming pools when in captivity. Nearly all orca males in captivity have a collapsed dorsal fin compared with between 2-4% of males in the wild.
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