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Free Sample Zingology Fruit & Vegetable Powders

Request Free Sample  Zingology Fruit & Vegetable Powders
Here at Zingology HQ we know that once someone tastes our fruit and vegetable powders and uses them to cook, bake, drink or sprinkle they will be inspired to share their experience with others. So we are calling on all journalists and bloggers, especially those who bake, cook, juice or have fussy eaters to feed at home. We welcome you to try our powders and share your experiences either through printed press, online blogs or video diaries. If you would like to receive free samples of our powders please fill in the form and if we think you would make a great Ambassador we will send you free samples of the test tubes to try. As soon as you have reviewed it let us know, share your review and help us spread the word. We will send you a new flavour to test and try until you have experienced all 4 flavours.
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