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Free Sample of Guardian Mite Spray

Request Free Sample of Guardian Mite Spray
Claim a free Guardian mite Spray sample! Be sure to select the 'Free Sample Request' from the drop down box and then fill in and submit the free sample form to claim one. Snag it while supplies last! Guardian is an all natural formula derived from essential oils and other all natural ingredients. Cinnamon- Used to repel pests and melt eggs. Citric Acid- Used to lower PH and change surface of plant PH, also used as a repellent. Sunflower Lecithin- Used as an emulsifier and also used as part of a suffocant. Yeast- Used in congunction with Sunflower Lecithin as a suffocant as well as being used for desiccation. (the process of extreme microscopic drying) This all natural formula with leave your plants looking lush and healthy as well as leaving them pest free. Guardian Mite Spray is the only curative on the horticulture market today. It will cure even your worst pest problem with one application if properly applied.
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