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Free sample of Choice Organic Teas

Free sample of Choice Organic Teas
Just apply to become a mom ambassador and you can get 2 boxes of Choice Organic Teas Breathing Space* from their Wellness Teas* line to try with your group, and coupons to share. Plus, more samples of Choice Organic Teas and coupons as a thank you for hosting. It’s that time of year again. Summer is ending, the kids are heading back to school, and those cool fall nights will be here before you know it. Curl up, take a deep breath, and relax with a hot cup of Breathing Space*. This herbal tea from their Wellness Teas* line is made from a combination of immunity-boosting echinacea, elder flower, and eucalyptus, which supports a healthy respiratory system.* Not only is this minty blend delicious, it’s also good for you (and the environment!).* Choice Organic Teas are certified organic, gluten-free certified, and packed in the U.S. Drink up, Mom, you deserve it.
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