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Free OraCare Activated Oral Cleanser- Dental Professionals

Request Free OraCare Activated Oral Cleanser- Dental Professionals
OraCare utilizes Activated Chlorine Dioxide and Xylitol to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, neutralize volatile sulfur compounds and break down biofilm. OraCare is an Activated Oral Cleanser and is a great addition to any oral hygiene regimen because of its lack of side effects; no staining, no additional calculus/tartar buildup, no altered taste, and offers long term use. In order to help prevent the onset of disease, we must manage the levels of dangerous pathogens that are present in every patient's mouth. It is important to remove more than just the bacteria because viruses, fungi, volatile sulfur compounds, and biofilm all contribute to diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease. OraCare is able to benefit all patients that come into your practice by keeping their mouth healthier. Request a free sample to try!
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