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Free Monkey In My Chair kit for Kids With Cancer

Sign up: Free Monkey In My Chair kit for Kids With Cancer
Help cheer up a child that has cancer, request Monkey in my chair kit! Only children who are battling cancer are eligible to receive a free Monkey In My Chair kit. We reserve the right to seek approval of the request from the attending physician and may refrain from fulfilling requests we feel are Illegitimate. Again, only for kids battling cancer! "Monkey in My Chair" is a national program aimed at helping young cancer patients stay connected with their school and, in turn, helping classmates better understand the challenges of fighting cancer. "So with the monkey in the chair, it actually lets the kids in school that you are still being thought of, but you are must missing school for other reasons," said Leann Reeder, child life specialist. The monkey kit includes the monkey, a backpack for teachers to send home your child'sclass work and well wishes from his/her friends. There's also a book to help teachers explain the difficult situation.
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