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Free Grubblies Treats for Chickens Sample

Request Free Grubblies Treats for Chickens Sample
Here chick, chick, want a free sample of Grubbies treats for your pet chickens? Grubblies are the tasty treat that your chickens love to eat. Grubblies are dehydrated black soldier fly larvae which are grown right here in the USA off of pre-consumer food waste which has been diverted from landfills. The larvae contain around 40% protein and 40% fat. These grubs are also high in calcium and lysine which can help produce high quality eggs as well as proper feather development. A few Grubblies a day offers the natural balanced diet that feral and pasture raised chickens receive daily through the consumption of wild insects. Treat your chickens today by ordering a bag of Grubblies while simultaneously helping the environment through the recycling of food waste from which these grubs were raised.
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