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Free Fast Magnet

Free Fast Magnet
Just enter your details and get a Free Fast Magnet. Get Your Free FAST Magnet so you'll know what to do if an emergency every strikes. If you suspect a family member or loved one is suffering a stroke, it is important to act F.A.S.T and call 9-1-1 immediately! Ask the person to do the following: Face - Check for facial droop or an uneven smile Arm - Observe if one arm lags behind, or is not raised as high as the opposite arm. Also check to see if the person is unable to maintain both their arms at equal height Speech - Ask your loved one to repeat a simple sentence, such as "the cow jumped over the moon." Check to see if the person’s speech is altered or slurred, or if they have difficulty understanding. Time - Call 911 and get to the hospital immediately.
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