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Free Eco-Fitt Hydro Kit-Manitoba Residents

Request  Free Eco-Fitt Hydro Kit-Manitoba Residents
Manitoba Hydro will sent kit free consisting of 2 low-flow showerheads,2 low-flow faucet aerators,3 meters of hot water heater pipe wrap,Teflon tape,hot water heater temperature gauge, and a refrigerater/freezer thermometer. Register for your free kit on the linked page or call 1 877 326 3488. Manitoba Hydro residential customers who own or rent their home which is occupied on a year round basis. Seasonal residences such as cottages/cabins do not qualify as their year round energy and water savings do not provide sufficient economic benefits to offer a kit. Property managers or landlords who manage or own a multi-unit residential property. Kit includes: Energy-Efficient Massage Showerhead, Water-Saving Bathroom Aerator, Water-Saving Swivel Kitchen Aerator & Foam Pipe Insulation
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