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Free Eat Well & Be Well recipe book

Free Eat Well & Be Well recipe book
Get access to various tips for healthy eating with the free Eat Well & Be Well recipe book from Canola oil resources. It is a a recipe booklet with tips for healthy eating and menu planning. Healthy eating, along with being active, is an important part of healthy living. This booklet provides tips to help you and your family eat your way to a healthier life. The 'Comparison of Dietary Fats'; the 'Baking Substitution' and the 'Smoke Points' charts are included. There are many other publications from Canola oil resources which are available free of charge. These include Canola Oil: Good For Every Body!, Mangez bien et sentez-vous bien, Classic and High-Oleic Canola Oils and 10 Myth Busting Facts About Canola Oil to name a few.
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