Ron Hershco’s Track Records – Choosing a Realtor

Real estate industry and development have always been risky. In fact, it is considered one of the most complicated business fields that very few people have the bravery, skills, and knowledge to commence successful records. Experience plays major role in this industry, and a real estate agent with proven track records will certainly have the upper hand to win in almost every competition. Not only because the agent knows the art of bargaining and lobbying, but also for the proven records in all the previous successful projects.

With track records in mind, one of the best real estate agents in New York who has proven to be an ace in this industry, Ron Hershco, who is also a keen marathon runner in New York and Brooklyn, probably comes to mind. Of course, choosing a real estate agent entirely depends on personal preferences, but Ron Hershco has completed many projects to make him worth considering in case you are currently in the market for a realtor.

Ron Hershco mainly concerns about the development of urban areas. This business requires any realtor to make use of all available resources he/she has to provide clients with real evidences of his/her capability of managing and handling every related matter. Starting small as a real estate agents in 1992, before he founded his own company in 1996 (which was a quick period to build a career from an ordinary agent into company owner), Ron Hershco has successfully worked in many different projects including The Meridian and 306 Gold Street.

The Meridian is a luxurious building overlooking Atlantic Ocean, but Ron Hershco is more popular for the 306 Gold Street. Together with 313 Gold Street, they were the first residential high-rise projects in downtown Brooklyn; many new projects followed after those two. Ron Hershco once again proved his knowledge in real estate industry by purchasing the land in 2005. It means he only needed 9 years after he founded his own company to be able to purchase the land. Considering that the entire processes would involve many things including zoning, land acquisition, legal laws, and of course the possibility of profitable investments, Ron Hershco is certainly one of the best real estate agents you can find all across Brooklyn and New York.

Both The Meridian and 306 Gold Street are filled with almost all luxurious facilities such as fitness centers, pools, resident’s lounge, screening rooms, concierge services, door attendant’s services and much more. It was Ismael Levya who designed the 306 street.