Daily Golden Ticket Contest

The Golden Ticket Contest. Win $5 Everyday!

Be the first to find the Golden Ticket on the home page and post a screenshot on our Facebook Wall to WIN $5 via PayPal immediately!

How does it work?:

Everyday, TWO randomly chosen freebie on the Home Page will contain the Golden Ticket in the description.
Once you find it, take a screenshot and post it on our Facebook Page
The first person to find that ticket and post it on our Facebook Wall will win USD$5.
The payment will be sent to the winner via PayPal on the same day! If you are the winner, simply message us your PayPal email address.
The Daily Winner will be announced publicly on our Facebook page!

It is as simple as that!

Contest begins from June 1st 2014. There is no End Date.

Good Luck on finding the Golden Ticket!

1. To WIN, you have to be the first person of the day to find the ticket and post the screenshot on our Facebook Wall.
2. You can only WIN a maximum of 1 times per day and 2 times per week.
3. Tickets will be marked as "CLAIMED" after someone has already found that ticket. Look at the example below.

4. If you are the winner, message us your paypal email address via Facebook to get your $5
5. You are responsible for any fees that PayPal may charge for receiving/withdrawing money