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It all started 3 years ago when I met up with my old friend Maria. We talked and recollected the times and one problem that was on her mind was her son James. James suffered from a severe case of acne. Whether using over the counter products or even prescriptions James still continued to have the problems with acne. This lead James to have a lower self-esteem, problems with his studies, and he began to sequester himself even from his friends. The need for me to help Maria and her family out was one of the stepping stones that lead to the creation of an all natural solution, known as "Pristine". Acne not only affects adolescents, it affects everybody of all ages and their families. During my research for a more natural solution to acne, I came across Dr. Jennifer Gan-Wong and Dr. Stephen Hsu's reports and found that green tea was a natural solution for acne and other skin problems. By combining the freshest Green Tea from the mountainous regions of Asia, with US high grade Raw Honey that accelerates cell renewal, leaving skin smooth, glowing and refreshed, and Camilla oil act as moisturizer, Pristine was born a Therapeutic Cleanser, Exfoliates, and Moisturizer an all-in-one natural skin therapy bar. James was the first person to reap the benefits of the pristine bar. He noticed visible improvements within three days of use. Seeing James transform into a person with a more positive outlook day by day as he continued to use the soap bar was a joy to see. That's one less problem for a teenager to go through, imagine if that was given to all the people who had acne problems. That is one less problem for everyone. After seeing James' results, Maria gave it a try for the red blotches on her body. It took Maria one week to notice that there was less redness, her skin was smoother, and not only was her skin radiant she felt radiant also. That is how I realized that Pristine Skin Therapy Bar was nature's skin care solution for many kinds of skin troubles. Grace Lee Founder of Pristine Skin Care Products California Monta Vista Technology, Inc
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