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Free Science of Fat image DVD

Scientists are unraveling the mechanisms that dictate how the brain and body regulate weight. In four presentations, Dr. Ronald M. Evans and Dr. Jeffrey M. Friedman discuss what the latest advances in genetic and molecular research tell us about why some people are hefty while others are lean. Understanding the biological systems that control body weight and metabolism, as well as these systems¿ environmental interactions, could lead scientists to treatments that curb obesity and treat its negative health consequences. DVD includes detailed chapter search by scientific topic, direct access to animations, English subtitles, interviews with the speakers, and special features on the molecular structures of fat, fat metabolism, and measuring obesity. Presented at HHMI¿s 2004 Holiday Lectures on Science. Two discs, lecture time approx. 240 min
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Purina Puppy Kit and Puppy Food

Pets & Animals
Give your new arrival the perfect start in life with The Purina MyPuppy program. You'll learn how to understand your new furry friend, and give your puppy the best care during their tender first year. When you join, you'll receive a MyPuppy Kit containing: An in-depth care guide with straight-forward advice on puppy care Adorable puppy ID tag Coupon for a FREE bag of protein rich Purina® puppy food* Purina Pet Advisor contact information for quick and easy reference Health Chart to keep up-to-date with your puppy's growth Plus, you'll receive monthly e-mails tailored to key stages of your puppy's first twelve months. When your puppy turns one you'll receive a Happy Birthday e-mail welcoming you to the Pet Priority® program for dogs!

Fabric Softener Coupon $1

Printable Stuff
TO THE DEALER: The Sun Products Canada Corporation will reimburse you for the face value of this coupon plus our specified handling fee provided it is redeemed by your customer at the time of purchase of the item(s) specified and you and your customer have complied with all the terms of this offer. Failure to send in, on request, evidence that sufficient stock was purchased in the previous 90 days to cover coupons presented will void coupons. No facsimiles/reproductions. For redemption, mail to: Sun Products Canada, P.O. Box 1600 Pickering, Ontario L1V 7C1. Limit: one coupon per purchase.
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